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Shani Kumarasena, MD, FAAP


In January of 2001, I opened Newton Wellesley Children’s Doctor: a Solo pediatric practice. My main reason for establishing the Solo pediatric practice was to be able to provide genuinely individualized, high quality care for children of a family-centered, traditional office setting.

I wanted to become a Solo practitioner to provide children and families true continuity of care by being there every day to address their medical concerns. Each and every family has consistent access to me as their very own pediatrician, day and night.

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What's Special About Us

  • Our patients and families receive concierge-type care without the additional cost.
  • Dr. Kumarasena offers a holistic touch that values your child’s emotional health just as much as their physical health.
  • Well-rounded approach that includes the whole family
  • From newborns to 26-year-olds, Dr. Shani develops strong relationships with her patients that allow her to deliver empathetic, personalized care to each child, adolescent, or adult.

What Our Patients Say About Us

  • Read our patient testimonials. Please note that these testimonials are via NCP reviews and we are not disclosing the names due to privacy


You will see Dr. Shani in each of your visits and she direclty oversees your child’s care. Dr. Kumarasena is easily reachable in office through same-day appointments or by phone for medical questions. Day or night: whenever you need medical advice, she’s there! 

Longer & Unhurried Visits

Because Dr. Shani is committed to seeing a smaller number of patients as a solo practitioner, she is able to take the extra time her patients and families need to address their concerns.

Personalized Care

At your child’s appointment, Dr. Kumarasena will focus on the underlying causes of your child’s illness – in addition to treating the symptoms. Since she is so consistently involved in their care, she is able to personalize health recommendations based on your child’s specific history.

Holistic Approach

Dr. Kumarasena places a high value in considering the whole person. In both her routine appointments and individualized behavioral health consultations, she takes into account the physical and mental wellbeing of your child. By incorporating emerging research, she provides lifestyle and nutritional guidance for your family, for long-lasting effects. She believes it is crucial to begin this approach at a young age to develop the strong foundation your child needs to flourish.

See Why Dr. Shani’s Patient’s Love Her...

Dr. K is an incredible pediatrician. So caring. She really takes the time to listen (so rare these days...) She gives real practical advice and always has great ideas based on the latest research. I can't recommend her enough.

Anna Marcos

Dr. Shani has been my children's pediatrician for about 19 years. The care my kids have received over the years has been beyond exemplary! Dr. Shani has made sure her practice does not run like an assembly line! When your kids see her, you are with her for a MINIMUM of 30 minutes. She takes her time with my kids and is very thorough. She clearly loves what she does and it shows! I would strongly recommend Dr. Shani as a pediatrician. In the world of hurried healthcare, Dr. Shani always goes the extra mile for all of her patients.

Leanne S.

If you are looking for a top pediatrician in the area, you have landed on the right page. If you have any concerns about your child's health or pediatrics as a whole for that matter, I recommend Dr. Shani without a doubt. She is a very knowledgable great doctor for your child(ren)!

Reginald Esteram


Dr. Kumarasena is now accepting new patients

Prenatal and Preconception Consultations

As soon-to-be parents, we understand you might have a lot of questions about this exciting new journey. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, starting from the very beginning. Some topics we focus on are nutrition, prenatal probiotics, reducing toxin exposure, and developing parenting styles. Read more about our prenatal visits here.


Covid-19 Update

How We Are Keeping You Safe We are working diligently to ensure the health and safety of your child and family Convenient and direct access from the parking lot. Only

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Food for Thought

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