Traveling With Your Child? We’re Here to Help!

Here at Newton Wellesley Children’s Doctor, we want nothing more than to ensure your child’s safety and wellbeing while traveling. Some travel destinations, especially destinations outside of the US, require and/or recommend specific vaccinations and medications. 

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you research your destination on the CDC website for vaccination requirements prior to traveling.

We offer Hepatitis A vaccine which is a commonly recommended vaccine prior to travel.

If your child requires a less commonly available vaccine that is more specific to the regions you travel, we will promptly refer you to a travel clinic. Travel clinics generally have increased access and authorization to administer vaccinations for specific destinations.

Vaccinations only partially assist with your child’s safety and well-being during traveling. 

This is why we recommend you also research the following specifics related to your travel destination:

  • Potential travel related illnesses (ie: altitude sickness)
  • Food/water safety
  • Harmful insects in the area/prevention of insect bites
  • Emergency phone numbers-
  • not every country is 911!
  • COVID 19 regulations