Prenatal Consultations for Parents-To-Be

As soon-to-be parents, we understand you may have a lot of questions about this exciting new journey. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, starting from the very beginning. At a prenatal visit, some useful topics you may discuss with Dr. Kumarasena are:
  • Nutrition. By beginning with your diet, it is possible to improve your baby’s immune system and help reduce the possibility of allergies.
  • Lifestyle. Your lifestyle before a baby can be quite different than the one ideal for your little one. Learn how changes in your daily routine can promote your child’s physical and emotional resilience well ahead of time to ensure wellbeing in later childhood.
  • Reducing toxin exposure. Your body is your baby’s home right now. We can help guide you in optimizing this environment, which includes reducing toxin exposure before and after your baby is born.
  • Parenting styles. Cultivate an approach that reflects your values and goals, and enhance the skills that will become second-nature to you once your baby arrives.
Call us today to make an appointment. The earlier, the better for your little one!