Covid-19 Update

How We Are Keeping You Safe

We are working diligently to ensure the health and safety of your child and family

  • Convenient and direct access from the parking lot. Only one door to navigate to access our office, our office being the first door on the right
  • Each room has its own, separate ventilation system and set of windows. All windows are opened throughout the day to encourage circulation
  • Only one family is in the waiting room at any given time. We have everyone stay in their cars to coordinate the entry and exit of our families.
  • All common areas are cleaned and sanitized between patients and throughout the day

COVID-19 Testing Sites:

The links below are the most up-to-date testing center locations:

It is always good to check for COVID-19 updates directly from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health:

For safety with attending daycare and schools, visit here:

Healthy Mind

It is not easy to parent during Terrible Twos and Threes or the teen years. Each and every baby and child is a different person, with different needs, even among siblings or identical twins.
There are a lot of resources that you can refer to on parenting strategies to bring up an emotionally resilient child.

Helping children build a strong self-esteem is very important for their happiness and success in many ways. Connecting with your children about their emotional needs and understanding their issues through their eyes will go a long way in reducing conflicts with them.

 Emotional Wellness


 Parenting and Behavior

Children’s Product Recalls

On occasion children’s products such as cribs and toys are recalled due to potential hazards or defects. It is important to pay close attention to recalled consumer goods to protect your child. We recommend you visit the following sites as well as other relevant sites frequently to ensure that the products your child is using have not been recalled.

These recalled products still may show up without your knowledge as hand-me-downs, from garage sales or be right there in your basement.
 Consumer Products Safety Commission Recalls for Kids and Babies

Car Seat Recommendations

Proper use of a car seat is very important in keeping your child safe. With so many different types and brands of car seats on the market today, understanding how to use them correctly can be overwhelming for parents. I have added a link to the AAP’s Car seat Safety page to help guide you in choosing the best car seat that is most appropriate for your child’s safety.

Always remember that you can go to your local Fire Station to verify the proper installation of your baby’s car seat.

 AAP’s Car Seat Safety Information 

 Car Seat Safety

 Consumer Products Safety Commission Recalls